Incorporating ICT for EVERYONE

Teenage girls using a laptop computer As I further explore the infinite number of times ICT is used within our daily lives, I began to wonder “What about children that don’t have access to IT?”

This started me wondering about how children without access to IT are able to develop a strong understanding and knowledge of the skills, process and abilities of IT in their future. I began to question if the trending development of IT in our lives is creating a whole group of people who are disadvantaged because they don’t have access to it.

I started thinking about the use of ICT in the classroom, particularly looking at the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ schemes that some schools are implementing (more information can be found at This scheme, while great in theory (it saves the school budgets and children get access to new technologies) creates another dilemma for children who don’t have access to devices and technologies at home. What happens to those children? Are they expected to share another child’s or do they simply miss out? This led me to further exploring the social and emotional affects that all this inclusion of ICT has on some children.

While I continue to believe that ICT is vital for children, especially in this ever-changing IT world, at what price does it come to those who cant afford to keep up? Are we further socially and emotionally damaging these children who do not have access to the latest and greatest IT and devices. What about children that cant complete a homework task because they don’t have internet at home? What are we doing to their self esteem and confidence when they need to announce they haven’t completed their home work or assessment because they don’t have a computer or internet?

I think as teachers, we need to continuously find the balance between preparing children academically for the real world and fostering their social and emotional well being. I don’t think we can overlook the devastating social and emotional effects on some children because they don’t have access to IT.


Here is a link to an interesting article from the Daily Mail about the effects of limited technology on teenagers,



Teenagers [image]. Retrieved from


Bring Your Own Device. Retrieved from (2014)


2 thoughts on “Incorporating ICT for EVERYONE

  1. G’day Samara, I’d just like to point out a slight problem with your post. The content is great, the problem is how you are inserting links in your post. They really aren’t links.

    If you go to your post, see if you can click on any of the links and go to the page they point to. I couldn’t and this is because they haven’t been inserted as links.

    This page from explains how to insert a link into a post.

    It would be a good idea for you to update any existing posts (like this one) so that they include links.



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