Reflecting On My ICT Experiences

Before I started this degree, I was completely oblivious to the amount of ICT that is occurring not only in our classrooms and learning but also in our everyday lives. I always knew their was changes in technology, but I had never really stopped to think about how we use ICT to further our understandings and knowledge. I especially didn’t realise how much ICT is incorporated into our learning environments and to the extent in which we, as teachers can use it as a platform to further our student’s interest and knowledge. 

Last year while completing an English Pedagogy, we needed to engage with ICT to create a multimodal text. This concept was completely foreign to me and I had never even used the word multimodal before.  When I began to explore the multimodal text, I remember thinking ‘This is ridiculous, it’s based on a picture book I could just read. How does this make any different to how children engage with the text, meaning and knowledge?”

As I further explored the concept of multimodal text, I became enlightened as to how ICT was used to generate interest and further understanding. The more confident I became at creating something new using completely unfamiliar ICT methods, the more I began to think ‘Wow, it Im getting this excited, no wonder children become more interested.”

I ended up showing the multimodal text to my group of kindergarten children (3-4) as it is one of their favourite stories and I was then eager to see if they became more interested. I was amazed at the reaction that was displayed towards a story I have read 1000 times! The children became engaged in the variety of images on the screen, they listened intently to the words being spoken and they began asking questions that they had never asked when I read the story. 

This is when I realised the power of ICT and incorporating different learning methods and variety into the classroom. This is when I began to understand that sometimes if I become more open to changes and the unfamiliar, it really does benefit not only myself but also the students in my classroom. 

Below is the link to the multimodal text I created:


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