Exploring free technology for teachers

While exploring the blogs, I came across this great article from Mel’s Blog all about free technology resources for teacher. I have had a look around the facebook group ‘Free Technology for Teachers‘ and agree with Mel that this is an awesome resource to have, and better you completely easy to keep up with new and inspiring ideas because it’s all linked to facebook!

Mel's Blog

Whilst browsing Facebook I came across a link to an interesting article in one of the groups I have joined. Firstly, the Facebook group is called, Free technology for teachers and I think it is well worth joining so check it out. Anyway, the article, Ten popular Ed tech tools that were updated this summer introduces us to ten popular technology services that we could be utilising. There is a summary to describe each and a link to assist if you wish to explore any that may appeal. I did just that and found what appears to be a very new tool and it is ThingLink. Basically Thinglink allows you to create an interactive video and it all looks rather easy! Basically, you can turn those YouTube videos into interactive images by adding in pinmarks. I urge you to check it out and they have even provided a video…

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