Seek > Sense > Share

To make sense of the world, for ourselves and those we hope to move, we must wade through a mass of material flowing at us every day – selecting what’s relevant and discarding what’s not. ( Pink, p. 47)

This is an astounding quote from Dan Pink, which sums up how we need to navigate through endless materials everyday to reach our goals, make sense of our world and achieve success. Through exploring and reflecting on what is relevant in our lives, learning and experiences and disregarding what is irrelevant, we are working towards our ultimate goal of becoming successful. This is relevant in all aspects of life, not simply in learning new knowledge. 

Everywhere we look these is more materials and information surrounding us. With the increasing capabilities of ICT and the amount we rely on upcoming devices for information, knowledge, games, sources, communication and entertainment, when do we ever stop and think about which ICT capabilities are necessary for our survival?

Through engaging with personal reflections and implementing a seek>sense>share framework, we are able to help select what is relevant and disregard whats not. This framework enables us to seek what is new and relevant, sense how and why this knowledge is relevant to us and share it with other to extend their understanding and knowledge. 

If we apply the seek, sense and share methodology to our surroundings, we are able to gain further insight into personal understanding, reflection and how to use the new knowledge to enhance our successes. 



Pink, D. To Sell Is Human. p47. Retrieved from 


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