Why Use ICT In The Classroom?

ICT has always been a debated topic, there are those that love the fast-paced changes and those that hate it. Whether you love or hate technology, the fact is it is becoming ever more vital in our lives. As adults, many of us rely heavily on the use of ICT devices, from the phone we use, the DVDs we watch, the cars we drive, even the way we communicate with others and check our bank accounts. 

It is a known fact that as we evolve with increasing technology, our children need to also to keep up with this fast paced world. In fact many 8 years olds know more about IT and social media then I do (sad but true). The best was we can create access to this IT world is through incorporating ICT into our learning environments.By all means I’m not saying only use computers and devices at school, but I do believe that there are many different areas in which ICT can be incorporated into our classrooms. 

As I was thinking about all the things I could add to a brainstorming page about the benefits of incorporating iCT into the classroom, I realised there must be a simple way to document my ideas rather then by hand or the painful process of adding different sized text boxes to a word document

I began to look through blogs from my fellow EDC3100 students. Surely enough as I explored Alisia’s and Tarryn’s blogs I saw them commenting about programs called Bubbl.us and Text2Mindmap. Immediately I jumped on and started having a play around with these programs. Low and behold, it was what I was searching for… an easy program that documented my thoughts into a mind map! (This is where my confidence with ICT grew dramatically! Now i was able to use ICT to research, connect and create!!!)

I found Bubbl.us easy to navigate and add all of the text into where I wanted. I created my mind map and was greatly impressed that you could change all of the colours and customise your ideas. This experience created a wealth of new knowledge for me and continues to add the my list of reasons why we should use ICT in the classroom. 



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