Connecting With Others Through ICT

The more I explore this course, the more I realise how much I rely on ICT to connect with others and extend my personal knowledge. Since beginning my degree, I have always used ICt to connect with my peers through the use of the studydesk, email, online forums, blogs and facebook groups relevant to each course. However, I never really thought much of it before this course, it was something I just naturally did at the beginning of each semester.

Recently, I have been thinking about how my use of ICT has really become integrated into my daily survival. Not only to extend my knowledge and understanding, but also to gain and share ideas, connect with others in similar situations and provide and receive motivation from those around me. Without the use of ICT, sometimes I wonder where I would be…. probably going insane all by myself and feeling extremely isolated, as I know many others who study externally do. 

As I explore the blogs of my fellow students, I came across a blog from Sara. While reading her blog, I discovered, with great comfort to me, that there are other people that feel the same as I do and are also reliant on their ICT connections. 


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