The Technology Integration Planning Model (TIP)

While exploring the different ways to integrate ICT into my learning environment, I started to think about the different access to ICT that we as teachers and more importantly, our students have. I started to think about the different learning environments that I am familiar with and realised how vastly different their ICT capabilities and access is. This started me thinking about how ICT can be integrated in situations where state of the art facilities, devices and programs are not available. How do these teachers ensure their students have access to ICT to enhance their learning. While exploring further understanding of my personal comprehension, I came across a blog all about the TIP model. 

Through my exploration, I have gained an understanding of the importance of focussing on why ICT is being incorporated. It is vital, as educators that we are integrating ICT to enhance and engage the students in the learning to expand their knowledge and understanding. Through using the following adaption of the TIP model, I am able to ensure a comprehensive integration of ICT into my classrooms that will enhance the learning of my students. 








McCullough Warren (2011)

(2011) The Technology Integration Planning Model. Retrieved from 




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