“Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”


I have been exploring the different ways I use technology in my life and while reading through one of my EDC3100 lectures, I came across an interesting article about ‘using technology’ and ‘technology integration’. This started me thinking about all the times I have used technology without really understanding the purpose and reasoning behind using it. I explored ADITI RAO’s blog about this. 


This thought train started me thinking about all the times children at school are expected to use various software, programs and devices. I wondered if they really knew why or how they would use them. I wondered if many teachers spent the time explaining ICT to their students and engaging them in the understanding and knowledge so they are equipped to use this technology again or if they just expect them to use it for the purpose of this assessment and never think about it again. I started wondering how many children actually understand why we use ICT and how we can integrate it into our lives.

I found the following table from ADITI RAO’s blog extremely useful in helping me understand the difference between ‘using technology’ and ‘technology integration’ and creating an insight into just how much more important the integration of technology is then the ability to simply use technology. 


Tech Use Vs. Tech Integration




Rao, A (2013). “Using technology” versus “Technology Integration”. Retrieved from http://teachbytes.com/2013/03/29/whats-the-difference-between-using-technology-and-technology-integration/





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