Measuring the success of ICT integration into the classroom

Through participating in the weekly forums and discussions, I am starting to feel a lot more confident in my understanding of how to incorporate ICT into my classroom and more importantly how to incorporate rich ICTs that are engaging and meaningful to my students. This week, we have been focussing on how to measure the success of integrating ICT into the classroom. 

Throughout this module, I have come to realise that rich ICT is more then providing the children with ICT devices and programs to use. Rich ICT engagement means providing opportunities for all children to engage with ICT at their own pace and towards their own understanding. Through participating in the forum this week, I have explored how I would measure the success of integrating ICT into my classroom. Until now, I just assumed ICT was integrated through all students doing the same thing on a computer without really thinking about it. 

I started to think deeply about how I would measure the success of ICT within my learning environment and came up with the few things I could do to ensure all children were developing an understanding and real world knowledge. These things included:

  • a discussion with the children at the end of the lessons regarding their knowledge, understanding, challenges and successes
  • monitoring children’s  individual and group engagement with ICT. 
  • monitoring children’s collaborations and constructive team work.
  • Personal reflection on the alignment between ICT and pedagogy. 
  • Referring to the SMAR model to ensure I am consistently providing rich learning opportunities for the children. 

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