Rich ICT Learning Experiences

As I move through the unit plan in assessment two, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what ‘rich’ ICT and learning experiences incorporate. I have been thinking of different ways to engage children in the use of ICTs while ensuring that the content and knowledge being developed is of high quality and purposeful to the children and their learning. As I explored the internet and blog post, I came across a post from Sara, who was also thinking about the incorporation of ‘rich’ ICT experiences. 

As I explored her understanding to reinforce my own personal understanding, I discovered an amazing article she had found that really concreted my understanding. The article discussed the importance of incorporating ICT for individuals rather then for the whole group to ensure that all children’s needs were catered for and a ‘rich’ learning environment was created. Within the article, the importance of integrating literacy with ICT also made me realise that children need a well-balanced learning environment to ensure that concrete knowledge and understanding is developed as well as vital skills and processes. 

This article has helped me realise different ways that literacy and ICT can be incorporated into the learning environment to ensure that all children are receiving the highest quality experiences to further their individual understanding and knowledge. 


Gray, T. Rich ICT Learning Experiences: What Do They Look Like? Retrieved August 2014 from 




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