Technology Driving Me Nuts!!!

Today has been a bad technology day for me! As much as I love my technology and rely on it as my lifeline to the world, and I really mean my lifeline, it has not been a great IT day!!! I use forms of technology for everything from banking, to email communication, to completing my studies, to catching up and connecting with friends. It seems as much as I rely on technology, sometimes I have days where none of it wants to work for me. 

It started today with my laptop having a moment and locking me out of the study desk, which was fabulous seeing as I had planned on a day of catch-up and assignment work. So I spent the morning playing phone-tag with IT to fix the issue! After that, I thought I was all organised until I realised that all of my banking was done. I mean seriously, with all of the IT capabilities, how can the system prevent me from being able to use ANY for of my banking! Finally after that was resolved, I locked myself out of my wordpress account!!!

Anyway, this really has nothing to do with my ICT studies and classes, I just thought that it was ironic that as much as I love ICT and rely on it so heavily, it really is the devil’s advocate! 


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