Until today I was completely unaware that these was a program called connect.ed. As I explored the modules, I began to realise what an amazing course this is for teachers to gain knowledge and understanding of the cyber-world their students are living in.

It gave me a first-hand,  hands-on look at what students in today’s society are doing online, how they are interacting and the types of comments that are being made. Personally, I have no idea what children are doing online as I don’t have children old enough to use the internet and social media sites.

As I participated in the activities and questionnaires, I started to really think about the harmful affects some of these comments and interactions could have on our children and how important it is that we are ALL vigilant about the safety of our children and students.

Even as an adult, I have never thought of the ‘digital footprint‘ left behind, especially from facebook posts and photo uploads. I know myself, Im guilty of uploading personal photos and tagging myself, family, friends and even locations without thinking about who else can access these images. It wasn’t unitl I watched the following video that I really understood how easily someone could take your name and location and find you from anywhere in the world.

I am extremely glad I completed the certificate in the cyber safety modules and they have made me think further about the use of ICT and keeping both myself and my students safe.


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