Negativity of Technology

While going through the online learning paths for this week, I was highly disturbed when I came across this article about a computer hacker gaining access through a baby monitor. This suddenly gave me chills and started me thinking, every parent I know, myself included uses a baby monitor to ‘monitor’ their children while they sleep. How can people ‘hack’ into something so simple and innocent which we use to help protect our most precious possessions.

After getting over the initial shock and thinking about the ICT side of it, I came to realise that nothing is safe when IT is involved. No matter how strict our security is, how tight our ‘net-nannys’ are and how secure we think our network is, some genius will always be able to hack into it. Its the intention we need to be mindful of.

On top of this disturbing discovery today, I also discovered that the musicians U2 have been able to download their album onto all iPhones using the iCloud. Seriously, I didn’t believe they could do this until I checked my music folder and low and behold it was there! I mean if they can add things to your accounts and phones, where is the line drawn? What can they access that they can remove? Can they see all your photos and personal information?

Personally, I think technology has gone nuts and after today, I completely will be limiting and monitoring what is happening in the electronic world around me!!! Obviously, as modern day people we rely heavily on technology, but this has made me realise we can never be too vigilant, especially with our children and ICT.


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