A Big Day Ahead

Well tomorrow’s the big day! My first day of prac!!! Although my initial meeting with my mentor was amazing I still  an very nervous about what to expect, how the day is going to go and how I am going to effectively teach a class of 6 year olds (i think its going to be very different to my class of 4/5 year olds!!!).

I have been busy ensuring that I have all of the resources, notes, lesson plans and questions I may need. I have been so busy trying to remember everything that I think I am actually going crazy. I began to read through The Daily Posts blog and all the comments about how to calm your nerves before a big day ahead. Some comments have some great ideas on how to relax and ensure you are ready for your huge day ahead.

I think personally, I will check for the millionth time that I have everything I could possibly need, have a big glass of wine tonight, get a great nights sleep and be prepared with a positive attitude to ensure my mind, body and spirit is all aligned and ready for my new adventure. Best of luck to everyone with their prac experiences!!!


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