Meeting My Mentor

This week I had the amazing experiences of meeting both my mentor and principal of the school I will be attending for prac. I must say, after my initial meeting I was some much more relaxed about the whole prac experience. She is great and was so helpful and willing to explain her teaching practices, methods and classroom management strategies in the short meeting I had with her. She even gave me her email incase I had anything I needed to ask her before my prac commenced. I am beginning to feel more confident and comfortable with the thought of prac.

After my meeting I have begun to compose a list of everything I forgot to ask her at our meeting. Its funny how the brain goes blank and becomes distracted when an experience different to how you thought it was going to be. Although in this case it was a great experience, I found I became distracted talking to my mentor about both our personal experiences with teaching and life experiences which led to our careers as teachers.

I am now looking forward to beginning my practical experience and learning as much as I can from my mentor. Hopefully prac will be as great an experiences as my first meeting.


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