First Day of Prac

This morning I was completely nervous and uncertain and I checked I had everything I needed for the millionth time! I don’t know why I was so nervous as all the communication I have had with my mentor and school have been amazing and extremely positive! I think it was more the uncertainty of the unknown, especially as this is my first ever practical experience and interaction with school age children.

As soon as I arrived at my school, I automatically became more at ease. Everyone I came into contact with was extremely helpful and welcoming. My mentor was so helpful showing me around the classroom, explaining the plan for the both the day and the week, telling me about the class and showing me around the school grounds. It is amazing how busy it was today getting to know all of the students, helping them with their work and answering questions. I agree with Mrs J P Finan’s blog that I feel exhausted considering I didn’t actually teach any lessons.

Today I was able to engage with the students and get to know them, their abilities, likes and dislike. I think this is a huge aspect of effective teaching as it allows me to create a bond with the students, develop a mutual respect and develop an understanding of their knowledge and abilities.

I am looking forward to school tomorrow, especially going to ICT with my class to gain a better understanding of the children’s abilities with technology and how I can incorporate ICT into my lessons. I hope everyone had a great experience with their prac and their learning opportunities have been as valuable to them as they have been to me.


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