Ideas From Others

While busily writing up my lesson plans and preparing activities for my students this week, I spent some time exploring other student’s blogs to gain ideas of what types of things they were also preparing for their students. I came across Chalkie’s Blog about creating crosswords for the earlier finishers.

I thought this was a perfect idea for a particular reading group of my high level learners. The activity I had planned the previous day they found rather easy and all completed quite quickly. I decided to use the book they were reading and create a crossword, but to try provoke their prior knowledge I didn’t write down their words they needed only the definitions (keeping in mind they are only grade one). I searched through the internet and came across a cross word maker on The Teacher’s Corner. I found this to be a great website for different teaching aspects.

I must say, this worked amazingly and kept them engaged for the whole time we were participating in our guided reading groups. I was surprised at how quickly they were able to complete some of the answers and struggled with other. I was more so amazed that at the age of 6/7 they had the thinking processes to find their reading books, reread them and complete the puzzle.

My challenge now is thinking of more activities to both challenge and engage. I am on a mission to search for ideas.


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