Engagement With Literacy

Today while engaging with my year one practical experience class, some of the extension students were using the computers in the pod inside the classroom. I was amazed when they showed me what they were doing and how they were developing their literacy skills through engaging with ICT.

They were using a program called Raz-Kids. I have since learnt that this is an online data base of reading books in which the teacher can set for either specific children or the whole class to read. The books each have different features where the students can read the books, listen to the books begin read or even participate in interactive comprehension activities as they go.

Just off the top of my head I could already think of benefits to this website:

  1. the teacher can set tasks and challenges for the students to complete
  2. the students are engaging and developing their literacy skills through a multiliteracies approach
  3. students can progress at their own pace and revisit selected books as many times as they choose
  4. the teacher can keep track of the students who have participated in the activities and how much reading they have completed
  5. the students can log on from home and engage with different reading skills.

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